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5 Best Tips For Forex Trading in 2020

No matter how much experience you have got behind your belt, Forex trading is still a complicated and challenging process and especially if you are a beginner.

Before you dive into Forex trading, we have compiled our list of 5 best tips that will help you make better trades and will help you to succeed in Forex this year.

Define Your Forex Trading Goals

There is a very famous saying – the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. The first step of yours will define what you are going to do and what you are going to achieve. Before getting into Forex trading, you should set your goals and ideas on how you are going to achieve your targets. It will help you line up the best approach to your trades and plan out exactly what you’ll need to do to hit your goals. It gives a sense of structure and direction to your trading and allows you to learn and improve deliberately.

For example, if you find that leaving hanging overnight traders are not very profitable for you, you will research and explore day trading to make a good profit.

Pick Out The Right Broker

For beginners, its a great issue how to choose the right broker, because this one of the most important bits to planning out a successful trading strategy. you should consider these 6 points before choosing any broker.

  1. Security. The first and foremost characteristic that a good broker must have is a high level of security.
  2. Transaction Costs. No matter what kind of currency trader you are, like it or not, you will always be subject to transaction costs.
  3. Deposit and Withdrawal.
  4. Trading Platform.
  5. Execution.
  6. Customer Service.

We have made a list of Best Pakistani Forex Brokers you can check the list and choose your broker.

Don’t Trade With Your Emotions

Trade with your emotions can destroy your investment in Forex trading within no time it can very harmful for your trading career. You should not change your Forex trading strategy with your mood swings. Here are some tips by doing you can control your emotions.

  • Take a walk after each trade.
  • Find out the least volatile hour of the trading session.
  • Stop trading after three consecutive wins of losses.
  • Don’t look at your profit and loss while you are trading.
  • Ask yourself: “Am I scared?”

Trade-In A Consistent Manner

As I mentioned above, it’s strongly recommended that you shouldn’t change your trading strategy with your every mood swing.

The best way is you should analyze the past trades and check each and everything and then make plans and strategy for the year, quarter, month, or weeks and when you make the final strategy, then you should stick to it no matter what. No matter how you do or what is your Forex trading strategy, you should practice consistency for the best results and the fastest learning progress when it comes to trading Forex.

Manage Your Risk Well

You should learn about how to manage your risk well before jump into trading, no matter you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. There is many factors to measure your tolerance, like your age, the amount of trading experience you have, capital you’re willing to see go belly-up and many other factors. Here is some tips for your how you can manage your risk well.

  •  Only invest money you don’t need.
  • Think about your risk tolerance.
  • Set your risk/reward ratio to a minimum of 1:3.
  • Control your risk per trade.
  • Keep your risk consistent.
  • Understand and control leverage.
  • Take currency correlations into consideration.

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