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Important Support Resistance Price Zones Indicator Free Download

There are a number of trading indicators used for trading benefits. Forex Trading is a platform to engage all technical analysis tools to gather the attention to ease the traders well. As the Description shows that this indicator is related to support and resistance. They know very well about the market possibilities related to the price zones.

Support And Resistance is a major tool or indicators which work separately to alert about the damage while trading.


As the name indicates, support or help to others to prevent from damage and crises. It is a price level where trends can be followed in a downward direction and can be shown on demand. In this, if the prices are about to drop along with this you will get to have major shares. As support lines are formed, by this new line emerges to support the next trading.


It is about to force or tend to some opposing situations. When prices increase it prevents the traders to get damage themselves. It changes the direction or pauses trading when the price zone is too high. Adding more about resistance it functionally works well.

Usage And Features Of Support And Resistance Indicator:

As it is a highly effective indicator having the feature to be updated all the time without any push and pull. This will also help to identify the traders who had watched or gone through support and resistance. The major benefit of using this indicator is that it will help to trade with all types of currency pairs as well as by all time frames.

It works well to pause and support the resistance. As you know better, having a variety of indicators used in FOREX TRADING by traders, but no indicators works like support and resistance indicator. It alerts the upcoming loss. No other indicator can perfectly do that. By reaching the level of resistance and support zone you will be able to know about the perfect entries and exit timing. When price reaches the level of high point, there will be to violating things.

  • Price Bounce Back To The Original Level
  • Violates The Price Level And Maintain Its Direction Till The Next Level Got Hitted.


It works well on 10M, 30M, 1H, and 4H, along with any currency pairs and time frames.

At last, you may say that it works basically as a barrier to prevent loss or damage. When the price zone is in trouble this indicator alerts the alarming situation well.


Important Support Resistance Price Zones Indicator MT4 Free Download

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