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Pivot Point Extra Indicator Free Download with Complete Guide

Welcome to the world of Forex Trading, along with the best indicators. Indicators work for the betterment of the FOREX trading system. These all indicators ease the trader to have maximum profits.

You can easily be able to guess about the working of this indicator by the name.

Pivot Point:

It Simply Guides The Traders About The Price Predicted In Financial Market.


Pivot Point Extra Indicator eases professionals as well as beginners to have profits. It is basically best for the MT4 indicator. It is the most recommended and highly used indicator. Moreover, it is very beneficial to deal with it.

Function Of Pivot Point Extra Indicator:

Its main work is to give the recent algorithm of calculating both pivot points and support and resistance level. It gives the most accurate prediction related to future price levels. Another advantage of this indicator is that it is the most used and popular indicators around the globe. Talking more about the PIVOT POINT EXTRA INDICATOR, through this all traders can easily be able to enjoy the suitable sources of tools.

Usage Of Pivot Point Indicator:

It shows us about the trend of present-day more accurate than to display the previous trends.  It is one of the best technical analyses and further divided into three categories.




The major thing to keep in mind is that the market tends to change positions and directions. So if the market is above the pivot point it recommends bullishness and if they are below the pivot point it recommends roughly predictions. It uses the support and resistance level to alarm their trading about the exact positions.

As everyone in the market is to have profited by investing something. This indicator is both for professionals and newbie.

Major Aspects:

-It is useful for all types of markets like Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency As Well As Commodities.

-It Is Capable To Stand With MT4.

-It Does Need To B E Updated, As It Gets Updated Monthly Free Of Cost.

-You Can Download This Great Indicator With Registration.

-It Deals With Any Currency Pair.

-You Can Trade At Any Time By This Indicator.

-It Is Beneficial To Trade With Systems As Well.

Moving next about the explanation of the graph you can specify them by their colors as (yellow lines) for the highest level. Along with these three major resistance levels are in (red lines). And the next three support lines are in (blue color). We all know that there are a variety of time-frames so if the calculations are not accurate time-frame is of importance further.


As discussed above in the article that it is mostly used indicator by professionals and newbie. It is helpful and useful to trade. It suits well to the type of traders. One thing to keep in front of your eyes is that it is not itself a whole system to trade with.


Pivot Point Extra Indicator MT4 Free Download

Download Pivot Point Extra Indicator


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