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Super Trend Profit Indicator Free Download- Earn 85-90% More

Super trend profit indicator is very widely popular for its straight and clear trade signaling along with the guidelines till to the end or exit of each market entry. It is a complete trading tool designed primarily to trade trends successfully and consistently. The indicator is based on a special system that predicts the price movement in advance. Its main principle is special custom trend indicators complex. It directly signals using the text as “Buy” or “Sell” at the main chart window so that one never miss a trade opportunity identified by this amazing forex trading indicator. This indicator is similar to a standard moving average. It is a line on the graph of the currency pair which varies depending on the direction of prices. Moreover the line direction, in reversal points it changes color, thereby giving a signal to enter the market.

This indicator can be applied to trade all kinds of forex currency pairs so that one can trade their favorite pairs. Besides, it fits with all sorts of timeframes charts to ease both scalpers and day traders.

Super trend profit indicator uses an MA slope to identify the current market trend. The slope of indicator turns white when the trend is bullish and the text “Buy” appears to confirm the long entry. On the other side, the slope turns red to indicate the trend as Bearish. If so is the case, then you will have to wait until the text “Sell” appears at the charts to go short. After making an entry, hold the trade and exit only if the indicator plots the opposite trend signal to your trade.

Super Trend Profit: Buy Parameters

The following are the super trend profit indicator buy parameters.

  • Price holding its position above the indicator slope.
  • Indicator slope turning white.
  • Entering LONG when the indicator plots the text “BUY” below the signaling candle.
  • Setting stop loss below the signaling candle’s low.
  • Exit long/ take profit once the indicator slope turns red.

Super Trend Profit: Sell Parameters

The following are the super trend profit indicator sell parameters.

  • If the price is holding its position below the indicator slope
  • When the indicator slope turns to red.
  • Entering short when the indicator plots the text “SELL” above the signaling candle.
  • Set stop loss above the signaling candle’s high.
  • Exit short/ take profit once the indicator slope turns into white.

Download Super Trend Profit MT4 Indicator For Free


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